Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Ages 13+


Translated as the “gentle/soft art”, jiu-jitsu is based on the idea of using leverage and efficient technique to overcome raw strength and aggression.

The Japanese martial art flourished in Brazil with a greater emphasis on submission wrestling on the ground where height and weight differences can be more easily neutralized.

All classes include self-defense, take-downs, and sport jiu-jitsu. A good workout followed by self-defense and finally sport jiu-jitsu techniques.

Once a week we will train “no-gi” (rashguard and board shorts) and kick-boxing.


With almost 10 years of jiu-jitsu instruction and 24 years of martial
arts training, Professor Sorensen has dedicated his adult life to
helping others improve their fitness, confidence, and self-defense
skills. He is also a professional MMA fighter, black belt in Karate, a
certified personal trainer, and holds a Masters Degree in Biology.

We are affiliated with Arashi Do Martial Arts and regularly attend seminars, gradings, and tournaments in Edmonton.


For your first class wear a t-shirt and board shorts (with draw-string). Do not wear ‘low-cut’ yoga pants or tank-tops.

Within 1 or 2 weeks you will need to purchase a “gi” or uniform.
Mouth guards are encouraged.