Alpine Circuit

Ever feel intimidated by weight rooms and seemingly complicated gym machines?

Ever feel like the hydraulic circuits at women-only gyms are not getting you anywhere?

Alpine Circuit is our self-lead weight training program specifically design to help people feel comfortable in a weight room.

  1. The circuit is designed to give you a full weight training and cardio workout in approximately 45 minutes.
  2. The 12-station workout is pre-designed to work alternating muscle groups.
  3. Best of all, you get to choose your fitness goals: Strength Vs. Endurance Vs. Weight Management
  4. All weight training is with state-of-the-art cable machines so no experience in free-weights is necessary.

Print-off the Alpine Circuit Log anytime to keep track of your success at Alpine.

Step #1 – Glute Press Down

Step #2 – Abdominal Crunch

Step #3 – Leg Press

Step #4 – Assisted Dips

Step #5 – Assisted Chin-ups

Step #6 – Seated Shoulder Press

Step #7 – Leg Curl

Step #8 – Leg Extension

Step #9 – Bicep Curl

Step #10 – Tricep Press Down

Step #11 – Pectoral Butterfly

Step #12 – Rear Deltoid

If you are still having second thoughts, book a personal trainer today to lead you through the Alpine Circuit at 780-712-3060.